Common Digestive Disorders Treated

» Abdominal Pain
Many causes of abdominal pain are considered during your evaluation.
» Appendicitis
Often times, a blockage in your intestine will cause appendicitis.
» Barrett's Esophagus
Barrett’s esophagus is a condition in which the esophageal lining transforms in cell type.
» Bloating & Gas
Excess gas and bloating can be related to the types of food eaten.
» Celiac Disease
Gluten-sensitive enteropathy, is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine.
» Cirrhosis
Cirrhosis is a disease in which your liver deteriorates due to chronic injury.
» Colon Cancer
Prevention is the best weapon against colon cancer.
» Colon Polyps
Small growths which form on the wall of the colon and are removed by colonoscopy.
» Crohn's Disease
Crohn’s disease is a disorder in which the digestive tract becomes inflamed at various locations.
» Diarrhea & Constipation
Both common complaints which can treated effectively once properly evaluated.
» Diverticulosis
A condition in which small sacs, called diverticula, form inside the intestinal wall.
» Food Allergies
Food intolerance can be due to food sensitivity or food allergy.
» Gallstones
Most gallstones do not cause symptoms, but a few that do can cause debilitating pain.
» Gastritis
Is a condition in which the lining of your stomach becomes inflamed or irritated.
» Gastroesophageal Reflux
This condition is also referred to as “heartburn” or acid regurgitation.
» Hemorrhoids
Swollen veins around the rectum which can result in bleeding or infection.
» Hepatitis
An infection of the liver by a virus which can result in fatigue and jaundice.
» Hernia
Usually caused by a soft tissue weakness or laxity, resulting in a defect.
» Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Previously called “Spastic Colon”, IBS encompasses a variety of digestive issues.
» Nausea
Nausea can be a symptoms associated with multiple gastrointestinal disorders.
» Nutritional Disorders
Nutritional counseling provided to under- and overweight people.
» Pancreas Disorders
Pancreas diseases can result in digestive disorders as well as to diabetes.
» Swallowing Disorders
Swallowing disorders can be caused by problems with structure or with function of the esophagus.
» Ulcerative Colitis
A chronic condition that causes inflammation and ulcers in the colon.
» Ulcers
An open sore that can form in your stomach and cause pain or bleeding.


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