You would like to take the first step to better health.
You want to make sure everything is being done.
You need someone you can trust with your health.

When you are ready, contact Dr. Khorrami’ s office and come in for an appointment.

Dr. Khorrami is double Board Certified in Internal medicine and Gastroenterology. After years of extensive training in research and clinical medicine, Dr. Khorrami has committed himself to providing excellent patient care.

Dr. Khorrami is the doctor other physicians use when they need care for themselves and their loved ones. He is often consulted in the most difficult and complicated hospital cases.


Because of his clinical problem solving skills, Dr. Khorrami is the doctor other physicians consult when they’re not sure how to proceed.

Dr. Khorrami stays abreast of the latest and most effective diagnostic modalities and treatment. He works closely with physicians in other specialties as part of a team to thoroughly address all of your concerns. Most importantly, Dr. Khorrami listens to you and stands by you, guiding you through the challenges that may arise with the confidence afforded by knowledge and experience.

Dr. Khorrami is sensitive to your individuality and will respect who you are and what you want. He strives with focus and dedication to provide the best care, whether it be a basic screening physical exam, an extensive executive health exam, or a complicated and life threatening diagnosis.

Whole Person Approach

Humans are complex organisms and there is a delicate interplay between the various organ systems that allow physical health and psychological well being. Dr. Khorrami believes that taking care of every body part and organ system simultaneously is critical to the healing process.

The concept of total health care is about treating the patient as a whole, instead of treating just the presenting symptoms. Often, healing can occur only when the fine balance between different systems is regained. More importantly, preventive medicine can eliminate many health problems before they have a chance to develop. When patients come to our office for their specific complaints we make sure that the rest of their general healthcare is not neglected.


A flow sheet for your overall healthcare is placed in your chart and reviewed at every visit.

Your sense of well being also depends on how you treat your body. There are certain genetic factors that contribute to your health and to your physical appearance that cannot be altered. However, there are equally important factors in your daily life that are in your control that can help you feel and function better. Dr. Khorrami emphasizes proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress reduction, regular exercise habits, and other elements of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Khorrami has helped overweight and underweight patients reach their desirable body weights.

Our Services


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» Capsule Endoscopy
A pill with a tiny camera inside it is swallowed to take pictures of digestive tract.
» Colonoscopy
A diagnostic test which allows the physician to view the lining of the colon with a long camera.
» CT Scan
An x-ray that is capable of producing detailed images of bones and organs.

» Upper Endoscopy
Viewing of the digestive tract using a camera attached to a thin scope.

» Gastric & Gallbladder Scans
Nuclear medicine scans are used to assess gallbladder and stomach function.
» MRI Scan
An MRI uses a large magnet and a strong magnetic field to produce detailed images of the body.
» Ultrasound
Ultrasound uses harmless sound waves to create radiographic images of the body

Cancer Prevention

Dr. Khorrami believes that preventive screening should be done in each encounter in order to address any future problems as early and effectively as possible. After a thorough review of your background and your family’s medical history, Dr. Khorrami will determine which potential problems to focus on.

Subsequently, using state of the art testing modalities, Dr. Khorrami will pursue each possible issue. If a problem is discovered, Dr. Khorrami will help you determine the best treatment and he will work together with other specialists to optimize the outcome. His knowledge and experience will support you in taking the next step towards your full recovery.


Dr. Khorrami’s specialty in Gastroenterology allows him to perform endoscopies to screen for esophageal and gastric cancers, and colonoscopies to screen for colon, rectal and anal cancers.

Dr. Khorrami also addresses a variety of other cancer preventive measures such as mammogram screening for breast cancer, pap smear for cervical cancer, ultrasound for ovarian problems, skin survey for abnormal moles, and screening for prostate cancer. Often these conditions can be detected on screening tests long before you develop symptoms. Rapid discovery and treatment of these conditions can significantly improve your long-term outlook.



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“Dr. Khorrami and his team are the best. They provide full service care that is above and beyond the norm these days. When I was in pain after the surgery, he was really available and willing to help. He came by at least once a day during my hospital stay. He is definitely a doctor who cares about his patients. Blessed to have him as a part of my medical care team”.
- A.R.

"Dr. Khorrami is a wonderful doctor. He has treated our family for 14 years. We trust him as a doctor and he treated the whole family, including the extended ones. He always advising us well and having our best interest”.
- D.B.


"Dr. Khorramin has been our family physician for over 15 years. During that time he has cared for 3 generations. Returning phone calls personally late at night, and being diligent in his quest for diagnosis when presented with complex symptoms. It is through diligence that Dr. Khorrami identified cancer where many other doctors failed to see it. I would and do trust Dr. Khorrami with my family’s health and well being and recommend him to anyone in need”.
- C.M.